Housing Partnerships

The NAHC partners with reputable builders and developers that have the capacity, expertise and resources to complete affordable housing developments. These partnerships are established in communities where housing pressures are escalating and where housing providers are willing to work together to meet the need for affordable housing.


History of organization

The National Affordable Housing Corporation was founded in 2011 in response to the need for financial assistance, credit building and education programs for low to moderate income homebuyers struggling to enter the housing market as first time home buyers. The organization operates in partnership with home builders, land developers and community-based housing providers and assists with the creation and delivery of housing programs designed to meet the unique needs of housing markets across Canada.

What we do

The National Affordable Housing Corporation offers a variety of housing programs for people struggling to become homeowners because of rising housing costs. The National Affordable Housing Corporation offers a variety of programs that support low to moderate income families in their efforts to secure quality affordable housing. The programs include financial assistance programs and educational programs, both designed to prepare and assist homebuyers and homeowners for success.