The mission of the NAHC is to help all Canadians find a great home that’s affordable in their community.

Rental demand is increasing. More people are now renting longer because of federal rule changes that have made it harder for first-time buyers to get a mortgage. Our goal as a non-profit is to help people find a safe, affordable place to live — and that includes rentals.

We partner with government and other non-profits to deliver affordable housing to families and people with unique needs. We develop affordable housing as well as consult on housing projects and policies with governments, private sector, and other affordable housing providers.


We can help groups that …

  • Want to secure affordable rentals for the people they serve
  • Want to expand into affordable housing delivery
  • Lack experience or capacity to develop a project
  • Have land, assets, equity or a mission to serve low income households but need help with financing or government approvals


We have experience and expertise in affordable housing.

Many of the non-profit organizations we partner and work with have clients that are in need of affordable housing. Unfortunately, raising money and planning a housing project is challenging.

We help fill these gaps by either working with organizations to plan housing projects or by giving them access to units in our own affordable housing projects. By doing so we ensure people in need of supportive affordable housing can access quality, affordable rentals in safe locations.


We’re always building affordable housing.

Getting involved in NAHC’s upcoming affordable housing projects is easier and has a lower risk than trying to build your own housing. We’re always building new projects and looking for partnerships with other reputable organizations. Questions about our rental programs?

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Investing in affordable housing

Our goal is to develop affordable rental projects that are financially viable and help Canadians in need. We welcome private sector investment and partnerships of all types. Together, we can deliver healthy, safe and affordable projects that benefit families in our communities for years to come.

We make rental project planning, financing and building easy.

If you have land or financial capacity but need additional capacity and expertise, we can help. We have experience developing mixed market and affordable rentals from project planning, financing and construction to tenant occupancy.


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