Providing safe, affordable homes

The National Affordable Housing Corporation helps individuals, couples and families find affordable housing answers. We provide rentals that are family-friendly, clean and built to a high quality, and offer down payment programs to help people stop renting and own their own home.

Our financial assistance programs are made
possible with the support of

Solutions Centre

Creative solutions for affordable housing provided by NAHC’s experienced housing development and policy team.

Rentals for families & people with specialized needs

Rental demand is increasing across Canada. More people are now renting longer because of federal rule changes and economic shifts that have made it harder for first-time homebuyers to get a mortgage. Our goal is to develop the best affordable rental projects possible.


Down payment programs

The National Affordable Housing Corporation’s Down Payment Assistance Programs provide first-time homebuyers with many tools that help families purchase an affordable new home.


Fill out the easy online application. A representative from the NAHC will contact you and let you know if you’re eligible for a down payment grant.

Get pre-approved

Once we’ve confirmed your eligibility for a grant and mortgage, our builder partners will help you choose a home that fits your family and budget.

Choose your home

Based on your pre-approval, you can choose your home from a selection of new homes offered by our builder partners and stop renting forever!

Grant eligible homes

We partner with builders to provide homes that are eligible for our down payment grants.